In a group of 105 students, 70 students passed Mathematics, 60 students passed History and 45 students passed Geography; 30 students passed Mathematics and History, 35 students passed History and Geography, 25 passed Mathematics and Geography, and 15 passed all three subjects.
Draw a Venn diagram to illustrate this information.
Find the number of students who
a) passed at least one subject
b) passed exactly two subject
c) passed Geography and failed Mathematics
d) passed all three subjects given that they passed two
e) failed Mathematics given that they passed History

Thank you so, so much for huge help, I'm really appreciate it. Thank you:))

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  1. a)105 students
    b)90 students
    c)35 students
    d)15 students
    e)35 students

    Hope this helps Lucas.(:

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  2. A student has passed 70 percent of the 20 quizzes he has written so far successfully. If this student takes 60 quizzes during the school year, and passes 85 percent of the remaining quizzes successfully, what will his average score be?

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