You are analyzing a solid isolated from a reaction and find that its boiling point is over 1000 ∘C. You dissolve the compound in water solution and recrystallize it to produce some solid crystals that you use to determine that the compound is a crystalline solid. Which of the following could be the identity of the unknown solid?
Phosphorus tribromide PBr3
Silicon carbide SiC
Sodium iodide NaI
Iron (II) chloride FeCl2
thank you

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asked by Sheila
  1. Both NaI and FeCl2 boil above 1000 C but FeCl2 is difficult (if not impossible) to recrystallize from H2O; therefore, I would go with NaI.

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  2. There are actually 2 answers to this question. So, you don't have to pick just one.

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    posted by Mia
  3. Silicon carbide SiC

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    posted by connie
  4. sodium iodide

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    posted by yoyoyo
  5. The answer is NaI & FeCl2.

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    posted by lisa

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