I have done this problem alot and still don get it can some one help me??
Thank you

3/x-9 + 6/(x-9)^2

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asked by Danny
  1. It cannot be "solved" for x since it is not stated as an equation. It can only be rewritten with a common denominator, assuming that is what they want. It won't look any simpler after you do, only different.

    3/(x-9) = 3(x-9)/(x-9)^2

    3/(x-9) + 6/(x-9)^2
    = [3(x-9)+6]/(x-9)^2
    = (3x -21)/(x-9)^2
    = 3(x-7)/(x-9)^2

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    posted by drwls

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