help on essay

i have to write an essay on theodore roosevelt

the question is

theodore roosevelt the first modern president.


i think it should be

1. introduction

2. view of presidency

3. regulating big business

4. environmental conservation

5. conclusion.

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  1. I don't understand what you are needing by posting this.

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  2. umm well just to guide me through i guess

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  3. I sense you have no idea what you want to say. Your outline is nouns. What do you mean by view of presidency? I suggest you write topical sentences in your outline. You have to know what you want to say, without that, you are lost and asking someone to guide you.

    Do that.

    Then, start writing (except introduction). before you write the conclusion, reread what you wrote. Does it have a thread? Is there somthing that ties those topics together about being a modern President? If so, make a conclusion. Then Proof it.
    Then go to your introduction. Think kout what your thesis is. Then write the introduction and thesis sentence. Then reread each paragraph and ask "Does this support the thesis?".

    Writing is an inter-active activity.

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  4. One other point Writeacher made, you need to clearly state what a "modern" President is. Are presidents since Roosevelt "modern", or what?

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  5. A modern president is what he did differently then the other presidents.

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  6. so what can be some topic i can write about him?

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  7. My lord, Reina, do what I suggested. You are wasting time thinking of what else I could do.

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  8. You might think about the that big stick he talked about also.

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  9. you said my outlines were nouns correct?

    i am asking what can i put so i can start drafting

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  10. view of presindency
    1. taking office
    2. coal strike of 1902
    3. square deal

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  11. Why are you leaning on me to tell you what to write? Did God give you the power to think, analyze, and create ideas? I think you have all the tools you need, but you are reluctant to use them. It is called thinking. Stop wavering and vacillating (look those words up). You can start this on your own.

    One thing: you did not actually say what the assignment is, as is it a full blown research paper (10+ pages), or a five paragraph essay? You need to think that out, so you actually do the assignment.

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  12. umm idk she only said to write an essay on tr modern president.

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  13. and idk what topic to write about him

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  14. Focus on TR as the first pres to work on conservation.

    -- conservation of what?
    -- how did he focus?
    -- what were the results?

  15. of the environment and the people, businesses

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  16. Start researching and writing.

    Stop wasting time posting here.

    Get busy!!

  17. Read, read, read ... and take notes.

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