physics 2

if 120 g of hot water at 85 degree celsius is poured into an insulated cup containing 200 g of ice at 0 degree celsius. how many grams of liquid will there be when the system reaches thermal equilibrium?

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  1. heat to melt x grams ice: x*Hfusion
    heat absorbed by warm water: 120*cw*(tf-85)
    heat absorbed by melted ice to get to final temperataure: x*cw*(tf-0)

    the sum of the heats gained is zero. x is the amount of ice that melted.

    xHf+( x)cw*(tf-0)+120(cw)(Tf-85)=0

    first, see if all the ices melts, and check Tf.

    tf=(120*85-16000 )/200=-29 which is impossible.

    So all the ice did not melt, and the final temp is Tf=0

    x*80+(200-x)Cw(Tf-0)+120*Cw*(Tf-85),but Tf=o if all the ice did not melt, or
    solve for x, or x=127.5 grams melted, so the water is 120+(200-127.5) g

    check my thinking.

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