2.A solid iron cylinder with a diameter of 150mm a height of 1m and a density of
7860 kg/m^3 is suspended in fresh water (density of fresh water is 1000 kg/m^3)
calculate the tension in the supporting cable when two thirds of the volume of the cylinder is submerged

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asked by moody
  1. r = (0.5*150)/1000 = 0.075 m

    Vc=pi*r^2*h=3.14*0.075^2*1=0.01767 m^3 =
    Vol. of the cylinder.

    Vs = 2/3 * 0.01767 = 0.01178 m^3 = Vol.
    submerged = Vol. of water displaced.

    0.01178m^3 * 1000kg/m^3 = 11.78 kg = mass of water displaced.

    m*g = 11.78kg * 9.8N/kg = 115.4 N = Wt.
    of water displaced = Tension in cable.

    NOTE: Density of water = 1000 kg/m^3.

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    posted by Henry
  2. thanks for doing my work for me <3

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    posted by rob

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