On planet X, the alien residents use a temperature scale in which they define 0 degrees X to be the melting point of nitrogen and 100 degrees X to be the boiling point of nitrogen.

What temperature difference in X degrees does a temperature change of 1 C degree correspond to?

What temperature in degrees X does water freeze?

What temperture in degrees X does absolute zero correspond to?

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  1. -195.8 deg C = nitrogen boils

    -210 deg C = nitrogen melts

    so 0 to 100 X is -210 C to -195.6 C

    14.4 deg C is 100 X
    change of 1 deg C is change of 6.94 X

    relation is linear
    X = k C + b
    we already know the slope k = 6.94
    X = 6.94 C + b
    when C = -210, X = 0
    0 = 6.94 (-210) + b
    b = 1458
    X = 6.94 C + 1458
    before we go any further check boiling point of N2
    C = -195.6
    X = 6.94 (-195.6) + 1458
    X = -1358+ 1458 = 100 Yeah!
    so now use our formula
    X = 6.94 C + 1458
    to find X for C = 0 (1458 K obviously)
    and for C = -273

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  2. I mean 1458 X , not K, obviously

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  3. Thank you SO much!!!

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