a school's chorus bought 30 tickets to a play. total cost of tickets $98. if student tickets cost $3 and each adult tickets cost $5, how many adults are going with the chorus?

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asked by ava
  1. It's a system of equations

    Let's say that students = x,and that adults = y

    Now let's construct the system of equations:

    x + y = 30
    3x + 5y = 98

    Let's work by substitution with the first equation:

    x = 30 - y

    Lets the expression above in the second equation:


    Now we solve for y:

    y = 8/2
    y = 4

    So we said that y represent the number of adults, so we have 4 adults.

    30-4= 26 students

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    posted by koala

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