math- commutative property

My daughter had this question for Hw and wasn't sure the correct answer.
the expression was (4 7/8 +3 3/4)+5 1/8
which shows another way to write the expression using only the commutative property of addition
A) 4 7/8+(3 3/4 +5 1/8)
B)(5 1/8 +4 7/8) +3 3/4
C) 3 3/4 +4 7/8) + 5 1/8
D) (4+3+5) +(7/8 +3/4+1/8)
we narrowed it done to B or C since commutative property switches the number order, but wasn't sure which one of them was correct.
I was leaning toward B since you are changing what is out of the parenthesis also.
Can you help explain which is correct and why?
thank you

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asked by Lis
  1. The Answer Is D Because if you have 4 pencils and i have 7 apples, how many pancakes will fit on the roof? well the answer is purple because aliens don't wear hats. Thanks :)

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    posted by Nancy

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