posted by Patrick

Hello everyone. I have a math problem I am somewhat stuck on and need help a little please.

Write a problem that can be solved using the equation: 9x + 14 = 100

A. 9 dogs and 14 cats cost $100.00
B. Ty wants to buy 14 dogs, but they cost $100, how much more does he need?
C. Ty has saved $14 and he earns $9 each week. How many weeks will it take till he has $100?

I am not sure on this one.

  1. Patrick

    Hello Ms. Sue. May I ask why is it C? What is the best way to do these type of problems?

  2. Ms. Sue

    Let's look at that equation.

    9x + 14 = 100

    9 times something plus 14 is 100

    A is 9 times something plus 14 times something -- nope that isn't it.

    B is 14 times something but it doesn't give enough information.

    C describes the equation correctly.

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