Environmental Science

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Generators convert energy physical energy into _____
A. Sound waves
B. Electrical energy--
C. Batteries
D. Motors

  1. Reed

    Why did you post this again?

  2. Ms Sue


  3. Ms Sue

    Attention. As of tomorrow night, the website Jiskha will go offline permanently. Since 2005 we have tried to develop a helpful website for students in need of help with school. Unfortunately, pranksters and trolls have made the experience on Jiskha less than helpful and we feel that it would be best for everyone if we close the site. We want to thank everyone that has supported us throughout the years. Stay educated.

  4. Connexus

    Ms. "Sue'', you will be banned for acting like Ms. Sue if this continues.

  5. Evalyn Carver

    Uhhhhhhhhh This is just sick

  6. some random potato thing i guess

    what is going on-

    *grabs popcorn* time to look at all the answers Ms. "Sue" has put in the history of Jiskha.

  7. Mini Kid

    That ms. Sue is fake okay by now this person has most likely been banned.

  8. some random potato thing i guess

    Also i'm pretty sure your answer is correct. Good job my friendly friend.

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