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It's a bit long, but I just want to make sure my answers are correct, so I can properly study for the test! I appreciate any help!

1. Which is NOT an example of imagery in Langston Hughes’ poem “Dream Variations”?
A. “Till the white day is done”

B. “Then rest at cool evening”

C. “That is my dream!” <----

2. What does the dream in “Dream Variations” represent?
A. The speaker’s longing for a place where he can express himself freely. <---- (NOT SURE)

B. The speaker’s love of the night.

C. The speaker’s desire to be one with nature.

3. The 1930s were known as the Jazz Age.

A. True

B. False <----

4. Renaissance means rebirth

A. True <-----
B. False

5. The writing of the Harlem Renaissance helped to redefine what African American literature could be.
A. True <-----

B. False

6. Black writers of the Harlem Renaissance carried the rhythm of classical music over into various forms of literature.

A. True
B. False <-----

7. In the poem "The Tropics in New York," in lines 6–8, where does the speaker envision the fruit to be?
at a fair

at a church

on trees <-----

in a kitchen

8. The tone of Claude McKay’s poem, “The Tropics in New York,” is __________.
A. Energetic

B. Gloomy

C. Nostalgic <---

9. In “The Tropics in New York,” the speaker remembers the homeland’s skies as being
A. blocked by skyscrapers.

B. mystical blue. <---

C. forever cloudy.

10. When a person gives a benediction at a meal, he or she is giving a
A. serving the meat

B. compliment to the cook

C. blessing over the food <----

D. serving the dessert

11. When a person gazes at a piece of art, they are
A. looking away

B. looking intently <----- (NOT SURE)

C. closing their eyes

D. staring into space

12. In “Mother to Son”, Langston Hughes most likely uses words like I’se, climbin’, kinder, and ain’t because of all of the following EXCEPT

A. He wants to convey the dialect and essence of the time period.

B. He uses contractions that mirror everyday speech to help the reader relate to the character.

C. He wants to create a lyrical, rhythmic quality.

D. He wants to portray the Mother as an African-American from a rural area who is most likely uneducated. <----

13. In “Mother to Son”, which poetic device does Langston Hughes use and why?

A. He uses similes to compare life’s hardships to ordinary, everyday things.

B. He uses an extended metaphor to compare life’s hardships and successes to a staircase. <--

C. He uses a metaphor to compare life to a staircase.

D. He uses hyperbole because everybody knows that life is a lot different than a staircase.

14.In “Mother to Son”, “tacks” most likely represents

A. Something that hurt us physically

B. Small obstacles that we don’t necessarily see coming and can slow us down or cause harm

C. Events in life which are emotionally painful

D. Small obstacles that can be easily overcome <----- (NOT SURE)

  1. Reed

    I agree with all your answers. :)

  2. Evelyn

    Really? That's awesome! Thank you so much again!

  3. Reed

    You seem be doing very well Keep it up.

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