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For what value of y must LMNP be a​ parallelogram?

(A four-sided figure LMNP has two horizontal sides and two sides that fall from left to right. Figure LMNP has angles labeled as follows: L, 75 degrees; M, unlabeled; N, 75 degrees; P, y degrees.

75 degrees75°

y degreesy°

75 degrees75°

LMNP must be a parallelogram for
y equals=

my answers Is 360 or 75

  1. Steve

    y can clearly not be 360°, since that is a whole circle.

    Opposite angles must be equal.
    Adjacent angles are supplementary.

  2. Geometry help

    So 75?

  3. Steve

    no idea, but it seems likely. Either 75 or 105

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