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Each sentence in the following passage contains one mistake in subject-verb agreement. Find and underline the ten verbs that do not agree with their subjects. Then write the correct form of each verb on the lines below.

Note To help you learn subject-verb agreement, explanations are given for five of the mistakes.

1I have never understood why there is so many followers of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 2At first, I thought the fans who watched wrestling on television was crazy if they believed that the matches were real. 3One of these fans happen to be engaged to my daughter, so I asked Anthony to explain why WWE is so popular. (4From childhood, his friends and he was so caught up in the wrestling frenzy that they would even hold wrestling shows in their backyards. 5In fact, a few friends, for Anthony’s 28th birthday, plans to host a party with a wrestling theme and even some friendly competitions.) 6According to Anthony, it is the E in WWE that tell the whole story. 7Fans of wrestling sees spectacular moves and athleticism. 8They understand there is a scripted storyline (like soap operas), and each of them enjoy learning as much as possible about favorite wrestling superstars. 9Finally, anybody who watches the matches know that some of the moves are rehearsed, like fight scenes in movies. 10So I now realize that wrestling fanatics, like Anthony, is not crazy; they’re just looking for a good time, an amusing storyline, and a few hours of pure entertainment.

1. _____are ___________
2. _____watch_________
3. _____happened______
4. _____were__________
5. _____plan __________
6. _____tells __________
7. _____see ___________
8. _____enjoyed _______
9. _____watch_________
10. _____are___________

  1. Ms. Sue

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

  2. Sarah

    Thank you

  3. Sarah

    I answered the questions

  4. Ms. Sue

    1. _____are ___________ yes
    2. _____watch_________ no
    3. _____happened______ yes
    4. _____were__________ yes
    5. _____plan __________ yes
    6. _____tells __________ yes
    7. _____see ___________ yes
    8. _____enjoyed _______ no
    9. _____watch_________ no
    10. _____are___________ yes

  5. Sarah

    2. believe
    8. understood
    9. anyone

  6. Ms. Sue

    2. believe - no
    8. understood - no
    9. anyone - no -- not a verb

  7. Sarah

    2. was
    8. enjoys
    9. knows

    Thank you so much for your help.

  8. Ms. Sue

    2. was - no - fans was?
    8. enjoys - yes
    9. knows - yes

    Please do not post this again.

  9. Sarah

    2. were

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