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A baseball bat hits a ball with an average force of 970N that acts for 0.0088s.

a) what impulse was given to the ball/

b)What was the change of momentum of the ball?

c)The ball was hit back in the same direction that it came from. If its speed before being hit was 32ms-1, what was its speed afterwards? (Mass of baseball was 145g)

please help I would really appreciate you for the rest of my life. and is physics that important? its hard for nothing really

  1. Damon

    Force * time = impulse or change of momentum

    a) so Impulse = 970*0.0088

    b) As I said, impulse IS change of momentum

    c) initial momentum = -.145*32
    (calling negative speed from pitcher to batter, positive from batter to center field)
    The change of momentum is up in parts a and b
    .145 v = -.145*32 + answer to part b

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