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Please check my answers. My answers have * by them.

1. In _______, citizenship in the society automatically makes a person a member of the religion.

A. churches*
B. sects
C. ecclesia
D. cults

2. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in one God who, as creator of the universe, is concerned about each individual's action and will hold each individual accountable for them. In this sense, Jews, Christians, and Muslims all share the same

A. beliefs*
B. religion
C. mythology
D. rituals

3. Religion has often been used to justify denying homosexuals certain rights in the United States. Conflict theorists would argue that this illustrates that religion

A. is the foundation of government
B. clouds people's rational judgement.
C. is used to legitimate social inequality.*
D. can provide everyday guidelines for living.

4. Sunday mornings between 10 and 11 a.m. has been called "the most segregated hour in the United States." The reason for this segregation is that people

A. tend to join churches connected to their race/ethnicity.*
B. need to get together in private to share racial issues.
C. are denied membership in churches of other racial and ethnic groups.
D. are segregated by religion based on tradition.

5. ________ is a set of beliefs and practices related to sacred things that unite people in a moral community.

A. Theology
B. Credo
C. Religion*
D. Cult

6. A religious group that is at odds with the dominant religion and culture and is usually headed by a charismatic leader is a

A. cult*
B. cell
C. ward
D. sect

7. As Calvinism and capitalism grew together, which of the following statements is true?

A. a specific economic way of thinking produced specific religious beliefs.
B. a specifically religious view of the world produced specific patterns of economic behavior.*
C. religious goals and economic goals consistently conflicted with each other.
D. Protestants were more ethical than non-Protestants.

8. ________ are new or different religions whose teachings and practices put them at odds with the dominant culture and religion.

A. Sects
B. Splinter cells
C. Cults*
D. Churches

9. Though they are larger than cults, ______ also encourage the active recruitment of new members.

A. churchs
B. sects*
C. ecclesia
D. spiritual leaders

10. The teachings of religion help people adjust to life's problems and provide guidelines for daily life. This is an example of the ______ perspective to explain religion.

A. neo-conflict
B. functionalist*
C. symbolic interactionist
D. conflict

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'm not sure about 1.

    I agree with your other answers.

  2. Anonymous

    #1 is C

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