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how many mL of .122 M MnO4- are required to react with an excess of C2O42- in order to produce 75.25mL of carbon dioxide gas measured at 30 degree C and 715 torr?

  1. DrBob222

    2[MnO4]^- + 5[C2O4]^2-+ H^+ ==> 2Mn^2+ + 10-CO2 + etc.
    I balanced only the redox pat.
    Use PV = nRT and calculate n = number of mols.
    mols CO2 needed x (2 mol MnO4/10 mols CO2)= mols KMnO4 needed.
    Then M = mols/L. ou know M KMnO4 and mols KMnO4. Solve for L and convert to mL. Post your work if you get stuck.

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