Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

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A room has 2 sections as shown in the picture below. Which expression uses the Distributive Property to find the total area of the room?

(A rectangle is divided into two smaller rectangles by a vertical line. The vertical height of the rectangles is 14. To the left, the larger of the two smaller rectangles has a width of 8. To the right, the smaller of the two rectangles has a width of 4.)

A.14 + (8 × 4)

B.14 × (8 + 4)

C.14 × 8 x 4(My answer)

D.14 × 8 × 14 × 4

  1. Damon

    well, almost
    look the area of the big one is 14*8
    and the area of the little one is 14*4
    total area = 14*8 + 14*4
    NOW what does distributive property say?
    a*b + a*c = a * (b+c)

  2. Damon

    and you could always check it because from the start when you DREW the RECTANGLE you knew
    area = 14*12

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