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1. how did fighting in the civil war change the lives of Texas soldiers? select all that applyTexas History

How did fighting in the Civil War change the lives of Texas Soldiers? Select all that apply

A. They came to support the cause of secession
B. They traveled far from home to participate in bloody battles
C. They earned enough money to buy cotton plantations and slaves
D. They lost their homes and farms do to damage caused by local battles

2. Why was the last battle of the civil war, battle of the Palmito ranch, fought in Texas

A. All Texan troops refused to quit fighting
B. Grant had brought the majority of his troops to Texas
C. Lee had refused to surrender and retreated to Texas
D. News of the war's end was slow to reach Texas

3. When the head of the house was a soldier in the Civil War, what happened to Texas citizens who had difficulty meeting their basic needs

A. They relied on special government relief programs.
B. They could borrow money from the government and repay with small interest
C. They migrated to the western territories where it was easier to make a living
D. They moved into a large group of homes where assistance was provided

4. Which Texas leader opposed Sam Houston over the issue of secession

A. John Bell Hood
B. Francis Lubbock
C. John Magruder
D. John Reagan

5. Which of the following reasons was least important in Texas' decision to secede

A. Support for slavery
B. Opposition to tariffs
C. Desire to form cavalry units
D. Belief in states' rights

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    If you post your answers, someone may check them for you.

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    1. A & C
    2. B
    3. D
    4. A
    5. C
    Can you grade my answers please

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    1. A & C - one of these is right.
    2. B - no
    3. D - can you verify this answer?
    4. A - yes
    5. C - yes

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    Ms. Sue some of the answers you said were correct weren't, I may fail this class now.

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