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The cost of providing a plate of lunch to a certain group of people is partly constant and partly inversely proportional to the number of people. If it costs #30 per plate to feed 40 people,find the cost per plate to feed 50 people.

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    y(x) = a + b/x
    a + b/40 = 30
    40a+b = 1200
    You need another equation to pin down a and b.
    For example, you might have
    a=20 and b=400
    In that case,
    y(x) = 20 + 400/x
    y(50) = 20+400/50 = 28

    Or, you might have
    a=10 and b=800
    y(x) = 10 + 800/x
    y(50) = 10+800/50 = 26

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