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The three angles of a triangle are x°,
(x + 30)° , (x – 6)° . Find the dimension of each angle.

  1. Reiny

    Isn't the sum of all 3 angles equal to 180°

    well. .....

  2. Gary


  3. melvin

    Miscellaneous Problem
    4.) The three angles of a triangle are x , ( x+30), (x-6)
    The sum of the angle of a triangle is 180.
    x + (x + 30) + (x-6) = 180
    x + x + 30 + x – 6 = 180
    3x + 30 – 6 = 180
    3x + 24 = 180
    3x = 180 – 24
    3x = 156
    x = 52 degree
    (x + 30) degree
    52 + 30 = 82 degree
    (x – 6) degree
    52 – 6 = 46 degree

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