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I posted this question yesterday that you answered, so thank you, but how do I put this in my calculator to get this answer?

If the exponential equation of best fit is y= 2.9046(1.9798)^x, when will the population be more than 13 million?

How would I figure this out?

I already determined the population in 30 days was 2,299,989,909 which is quite far from 13 million, but that gave me the number of days to figure out. How do I figure out when they give me the answer and I have to figure out the number of days?

math - unowen yesterday at 2:53pm
Solve for y=13. So:
ln 4.47566=ln 1.9798^x=x ln 1.9798
The number of days, at that rate, would be 2.1942355

math - Steve yesterday at 4:17pm
except you want

2.9046(1.9798)^x = 13000000
x = 22.42

  1. Reiny

    Steve may not be online right now.

    Going with his equation,
    2.9046(1.9798)^x = 13000000
    first divide both sides by 2.9046
    1.9798^x = 4475659.299.. (keep in your display)
    take log of both sides, and use your log rules
    x log 1.9798 = log 4475659.299
    x = log 4475659.299/log 1.9798
    = 22.42.. as Steve had

    by keeping the 4475659.299.. in the display, we can just continue our sequence of calculations.
    I then pressed:
    log 1.9798
    to get the answer

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