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What were the outcomes of Francisco Madera challenging Porfirio Diaz for the Mexican presidency?

Diaz lost in a landslide election to Madero, resulting in the first free election in Mexico using democratic processes.

Madero was assassinated by Diaz, and Mexico broke out in a civil war, until the United States of America intervened.

Diaz hired the Institutional Revolutionary Party to harass and intimidate Madero to drop out of the election.

Madero gained support of rebel leaders Pancho Villa, Pascual Orozco, and Emiliano Zapata to overthrow Diaz, resulting in the Mexican Revolution.

Is it D? Online it talks about people that didn't like him supporting him.

  1. DeafeninGaming

    yes, correct again!

  2. Rylee

    I'm on a roll! Thanks!

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