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What did Alexis de Tocqueville observe on his visit to the United States that reflected changes that were happening in the country during Jackson's administration? (1 point)
a strict divide between rich and poor
a growing spirit of democracy and equality between classes
a government that limited voting rights strictly to the wealthy
a growth in racial equality and increased rights for African Americans
2. Which of the following is an accurate comparison of Adams and Jackson? (1 point)
Adams supported efforts to promote the growth of businesses, while Jackson supported efforts to help the ordinary man.
Jackson supported the idea of high tariffs to increase revenue, but Adams wanted to end high tariffs.
Adams had strong support from the rural areas in the South and West, but Jackson’s strongest supporters were from the North.
Jackson wanted to improve the territory already under the control of the U.S., but Adams wanted to expand territory to the Pacific Ocean.

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    1=B and 2=A

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