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Dear Mimmy,
It’s almost half-term. We’re all studying for our tests. Tomorrow we’re supposed to go to a classical
music concert at the Skenderija Hall. Our teacher says we shouldn’t go because there will be 10,000
people, pardon me, children, there, and somebody might take us as hostages or plant a bomb in the
concert hall. Mommy says I shouldn’t go. So I won’t.
Hey! You know who won the Yugovision Song Contest?! EXTRA NENA!!!???
I’m afraid to say this next thing. Melica says she heard at the hairdresser’s that on Saturday, April 4,
1992, there’s going to be BOOM—BOOM, BANG—BANG, CRASH Sarajevo. Translation: they’re going to
bomb Sarajevo.

3. What is the mood of the excerpt’s first diary entry?

please check my answer * is my choice

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    please need help my answer is tense

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    I agree.

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    What about her first

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    What about her last

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    What about her last

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