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Which theory of migration states that people sailed down the West coast of North America to make settlements?

A) European Migration theory
B) Northern Asia Coastal theory
C) Bering Land Bridge theory
D) Polynesian theory

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    I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    I have like 5 pages of notes and none tell me ): I would have to guess

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    Let's look at your choices.

    A) - Is Europe near the West Coast of America?
    B) - Did they come along the coast from Asia?
    C) - Did they walk across the Bering Land Bridge?
    D) - Did they come from Polynesia?

    If you're still not sure, Google one or two of your choices? Or Google theory of migration.

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    Go back to your text/reference materials. The answer is there. Where did the first humans in North America come from?

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    The land bridge goes from Alaska to Canada? Doesn't touch America so can't be that one?

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    Crap that isn't alaska I don't think. All I know is the land bridge theory comes from the top of Asia to North america

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    But then there's the coastal route theory but I do t know what theory it is

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    Ugh I'm sorry ): I'm not so good at this social studies thing

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    No, it does not go from Alaska to Canada.

    Study this map.

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    So would it be that one? I thought North America was lower?

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    On my map North America is lower

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    One theory is that the first peoples came by boat along the northeastern coast of Asia, across the Bering Strait, and down the west coast of America.

    That's choice B.

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    I thoughtt it was but i wasn't sure. I'm sorry ): thank you for the help

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    You're welcome, Xoxo.

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