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Nasreen is designing an obstacle course that includes two ladders leaning against a pole. In order for the ladders to fit in the obstacle course, one ladder must span
1.6 m horizontally and the other must span 5 m horizontally. She already has one
4.3-m ladder. How long must the other ladder be? The answer should be rounded to the nearest tenth.

  1. Anonymous

    nvm. I go the answer already. TY

  2. Steve

    clearly the 4.3m ladder must span the 1.6m distance. Its height is thus
    h = √(4.3^2-1.6^2)

    So, the length of the other ladder must be

    √(h^2+5^2) = √(4.3^2-1.6^2+5^2) = 6.4

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