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Q14. Describe the fighting during the American Revolution in Georgia with the correct terms:

The Battle of Rice Boats started in 1776 when British soldiers arrived in Georgia to buy supplies. Governor James Wright took advantage of the arrival of the redcoats and __________________. On the southern frontier, Georgia troops tried unsuccessfully to attack_________________ in Florida. Even with experienced commanders leading the expedition, the attempt to secure Georgia’s southern border failed. Disagreements over the way the expedition was handled led to conflict between __________________________ and ____________________. Their feud ended in a duel which led to the death of _______________________________. In February 1779, a group of British soldiers and Loyalists were camped in the backcountry. They were attacked by Patriot militia led by Tom Dooley, ___________ __________ and Andrew Pickens. The Americans won the Battle of Rice Boats and captured much needed ______________ . Savannah had been captured by the British in 1778 however and the Siege of Savannah (September-October 1779) could not defeat the redcoats and Loyalists in the city. A month after Savannah was captured, Augusta was under the control of the British as well.

Please help me... I already answered the ones I know...Thanks

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    Your answers are in your text.

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