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1.Antibiotics can be used to cure which of the following diseases? A) the flu < my answer B) mononucleosis C) strep throats D) hepatitis

2.Athlete's foot is caused by______. A) a fungus < my answer B)swimming pools C) bacteria D) a virus

3. Colds and the flu are spread through______. A) child birth B) sharing food or drink with an infected < my answer person C) blood transfusions D) nothing; colds and the flu are not contagious

4.Failing to properly wash cook utensils and food preparation surfaces can result in _______. A) cancer B) a noninfectious disease C) hepatitis B D) food poisoning < my answer

5.Noninfectious diseases_______. A) include colds and the flu B) are spread through sneezing < my answer C) includes athlete's foot D) include genetic disease

6.Disease that are inherited are examples of genetic disorders. True or False? false is my answer

7.All diseases are contagious. True or False? true is my answer

  1. kaliyah

    @Reed check my answers

  2. Ms. Sue

    Please see my response to your last post.

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