Algebra 1

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Glenda, Hilda, and Inez have $35,000 invested in a business. Glenda's investment is one-half Hilda's and three times Inez's investment. How much does each person have invested?

  1. Reiny

    Glenda's --- x
    Hilda's ---- 2x
    INez's ---- (1/3)x

    x + 2x + x/3 = 35000
    multiply each term by 3
    3x + 6x + x = 105000

    solve for x, etc

  2. Scott

    G + H + I = 35000

    G = 1/2 H ... H = 2 G

    G = 3 I ... I = G / 3

    substituting ... G + 2G + G/3 = 35000
    ... 3G + 6G + G = 105000 ... G = 10500

    substitute back to find H and I

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