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1. In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walter has challenging fantasies because ____.
A. He has an unidentified mental problem. B. They are memories from his time travel experiences.
C. They are favorite moments in the books he has read.
D. It provides an escape from his overly controlling wife.

I think D

2. In "A Sound of Thunder", what does the change in the spelling of TIME SAFARI signify?
A. That they have arrived in the wrong year B. That the machine has malfunctioned
C. That the travelers have changed during the journey
D. That the travelers have disrupted have disrupted history

I think D

3. In "Nethergrave," Jeremy and his friends create their own online chat room and online names related to

A. Video game characters
B. Death
C. Music groups
D. Animals

I think A

  1. Reed

    I don't know the works cited in questions 2 and 3. You do. You are correct in that D is the best answer for question 1. I might suggest that Walter Mitty's fantasies are also an escape from a hum-drum life, as well as his domineering wife.

  2. Jackson

    I'll gladly help. For number 2. The different spelling of the Safari sign in "The Sound of Thunder" signifies that they have in some way changed the future by disrupting the past (the butterfly Eckels stepped on and brought with him to the present).
    The answer is D. The travelers have disrupted history.

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