posted by Ise

1. An evaluation of the impact of Globalisation in ay country of your choice to date, and in the future. You will need to cite relevant statistics and factual data

  1. Reed

    What is your question about this assignment?

  2. Ise

    its an essay about the impact of globalisation on any country you can talk about with relevant statics

  3. Ms. Sue

    Hmmm -- but you still didn't ask a question.

  4. Reed

    Yes. I understand the assignment. We aren't going to do it for you. What kind of help or advice do you need?

  5. Ise

    I need sources, similar like the answer Ms. Sue provided on ethics

  6. Ms. Sue

    Choose a country.

    Google it globalization

  7. Reed

    You might start here. For further searches, you can enter "the impact of globalization on business" or whatever aspect of life you choose (culture, society, etc.).

  8. Reed

    If you want to look at a specific country, use the search term: "impact of globalization on ______"

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