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An 85-year-old woman in Rotorua, New Zealand, won't have to pay her library fine. A book she borrowed from the local library in 1945 was found during a move. Based on the borrowing rules pasted inside the front cover of the book, the fine should have been over $6,000. However, the library simply asked for the privilege of displaying the book that was overdue for 61 years.

Based on the following pieced of information, what is the library's daily fine?

-The total fine was $6,679.80
-The book was overdue for 61 years.
-For the first two weeks of the overdue period, there was a set fine per day.
-The second two-week of the overdue period doubled the fine per day.
-After four weeks, the fine per day was tripled.

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    Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? I tackled it a few ways and I just can't get it.

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