posted by Samantha

How do I solve this For (-x)?
(Do I just make -x equal 1 or 2?) I’m suppose to solve the equation by elimination. (Can someone give me steps to solving it and I’ll try to do it and you guys check my work?)

  1. Scott

    multiply the 1st equation by -2, then add the result to the 2nd equation
    ... this will eliminate y

    solve the subsequent equation for x

  2. Samantha

    I tried doing that but I think I went wrong somewhere because I did




    And got -x-0y=-3

    ...I know this is wrong, can someone help me

  3. Scott

    you lost the minus sign on the 14

    you did this ... -2•9=-18
    ... the 9 was negative
    ... to give a positive 18 for cancelling with the -18 in the 2nd equation

    should end up ... -15x = -45

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