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Which most accurately describes a Chinese concept that influenced later civilizations?

the lliad and Odyssey provided a blueprint for future military dictators regarding war tactics and battlefield strategies

confucianism influenced the political theories of benjamin franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas pain, and other founding fathers

the chinese appointed military leaders based on ability and competence versus bloodline, which was later adopted by the Persian empire

the Chinese mastered the art of tai chi, which was later adopted by the Indian empire and influenced the practice of Hinduism

i think its c

  1. Ms. Sue

    I disagree.

  2. malia


  3. Ms. Sue

    Is that what your text says?

  4. malia

    i can't remember what it says and i cant find it

  5. malia

    The Japanese also noticed how well the Chinese system of government worked. They too adopted the merit-based bureaucratic structure. In addition, they used Chinese methods of taxation and imitated the Chinese model of a centralized state. The Japanese also adopted Confucian values that they applied in social and political activities, but never to the extent that China had done.

    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Foundation. Web.
    A sculpture credited to Yen Li-pen from around AD 650 during the Tang dynasty shows one of Emperor Taizong’s horses.
    In the late 1100s, Japan’s imperial rulers were deposed by warriors. This resulted in the rise of the shoguns, powerful warlords who ruled provinces throughout Japan. Zen Buddhism, a religion that originated in China, reached Japan at around this time, and Buddhist beliefs of internal focus and personal strength were influential in Japan under the shoguns. The shogunates lasted until 1867.
    Chinese government, especially with the infusion of Confucianism, continues to influence governments at all levels in modern Asia. Perhaps the best example of this influence is in the civil service system. As reformed under the guidance of Confucius, the Chinese civil service system made holding a government office not only a mark of respect, but also a badge of achievement. Individuals who gained appointments in the emperor’s government, regardless of the level, represented the emperor, and civil servants were revered.
    This same sense of respect and reverence continued into the modern era in many of the world’s governments. Civil servants and appointed officials are still held in high esteem in China and other Asian nations. However, with the ascendancy of the communist regime in China, some of the Confucian meritocracy was lost as cronyism and corruption began to spread. Some of these same respectful attitudes have existed in Western governments, though they declined somewhat with the countercultural movement during the last part

  6. malia

    I read my text again and I found this so I'm pretty sure its the right answer

  7. Ms. Sue

    Yes, b is right.

    However, I think d is also right.

  8. malia

    I was thinking the same thing but I think b is closer to the answer

  9. Ms. Sue

    Check your text to see what its author recommends.

  10. Ms. Sue

    Does it say anything about tai chai and Hinduism?

  11. malia

    no, i don't see anything about tai chai or Hinduism

  12. Ms. Sue

    Ok. Apparently Hindus did adopt some tai chai practices, but if your text doesn't mention it, do not include it in your right answers.

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