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When painting a portrait of a face in proportion, it is important to do all of the following, except

a. to keep the size of the ear the same as the size of the eye.
b. to keep the corners of the mouth lined up with the center of the eyes.
c. to keep the width of the nose the same as the width of the eye.
d. to keep the size of the mouth the same height as the eyes

  1. Writeacher

    And you think it's ... ?

  2. Writeacher

    No, not C.

    Best go back and read your text. No more guessing.

  3. michelle

    there you go hope i helped you

  4. Anynomos

    Thanks Michelle all of that is correct

  5. sam


  6. michelle

    Anynomos and sam your very welcome

  7. O_O

    3:D 100%

  8. ADD is the answer

    ADD 1+2=56

  9. Jezziedut


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