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1)Which of the following best describes an expository essay?
an essay that uses casual, conversational language
an essay that tells a story about a real-life experience
an essay that explains an idea by breaking it down***
an essay that uses humor to achieve the author's purpose

2.)Which statement best describes the story who's events are linked in a cause and effect chain?
A single important events in the story is the cause of many events
Many events in the story are all causes of a single important event
A story event causes another event which causes another event and so on***
Events that are causes are completely unrelated to events that are effects.

3.)Which of the following types of writing would best persuade people to donate money to an arts program for teens?
an essay describing the building in which supporters want to hold the program
a letter to the editor sharing statistics oh how similar programs have kept teens out of trouble
a report comparing different types of materials for creating art
an interview with several teens about how much they enjoy creating art***

4.)Which sentence includes a linking verb?
The siren blared
We heard the wailing siren
The siren was loud and steady
Every Tuesday, the fire chief activates the siren***

5.)Which word in the following sentence is a conjunction?
Slowly but surely, Dan's dog learned to respond to hand signals.

  1. Ms. Sue

    3 and 4 are wrong. The others are right.

  2. Haley

    4. C

  3. Haley


  4. Ms. Sue

    Yes, 4.c and 3.b are right.

  5. Haley

    Thank you can you check my other post please?

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