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Which of the following list of eras in Texas history in the correct order?
a). Early Statehood,Spanish Texas,reconstruction,era of reform.
b). mexican texas,spanish texas,civil war texas,the republic of texas.
c). spanish texas, the republic of texas,reconstruction,era of reform.
d).World war 2, reconstruction,era of reform,the republic of texas.

  1. Reed

    And your answer is? We'll be glad to check it. You must show your work. We will critique it.

  2. Annonymous

    My answer is B possibly. Thanks for reminding me

  3. Reed

    No. Mexico did not become independent from Spain until 1820 or so. The Spanish were here first, before Mexico became a nation.

  4. Annonymous

    Do you think it is C

  5. Reed

    Yes. There were other steps along the way, but the order is correct in C.

  6. Annonymous

    Thank you so much Reed for your help

  7. Reed

    You're very welcome. :)

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