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(Go to google and type in city street by herman merli It is the first image(black and white buildings)
Which element of art is most evident in the drawing of these buildings?

2. (Go to google and type the willows of marissel by jean baptiste) It is the first image in google images.
Which element helps to give the illusion of great height and reaching upwards?
the color of the painting
the lines made by the trees***
the shapes of the individuals
the negative space around the indivisuals

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    I reallllllllllllllllllyyy neeed helppppp

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    None of the tutors here is an art teacher. From what I do know of art, I disagree that the Merli drawing's dominant feature is perspective. Merli was expressing his interest in cubism as a style, so I think there is a better answer. Note the lack of detail and the concentration on bare-bones what?

    I agree that the vertical lines of the trees do give the Corot painting a sense of their height.

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    So the 1st is wrong?

  • Reed -

    Would it be space? it wouldn't be color because it is black and white.. right?

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    I think both perspective and space are not the right answers. You've ruled out color, so that leaves shape, right? I hate doing this by process of elimination, but it is the rectangular shapes of the buildings that dominate the painting. But, I'm not your teacher. He or she may see it differently. My answer would be shapes.

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    It was right! Shape is correct! thanks reiny!

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    Thanks Jazz

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    Jazmine is correct 100%

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    Jazzzmin is correct

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    thank u like... so much Jazzzmin

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