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1) What are four suggested steps to becoming familiar with early music standards?
I. Implement the music standards.
II. Consult with a music specialist.
III. Check to make sure the music standards are satisfied.
IV. Read the music standards.
V. Sign up for an in-service training on the music standards.
VI. Learn the music related to the standards.
B) I, II, IV, VI
D) I, IV, V, VI
Answer: A
2) Singing should take place
I. during music time.
II. when a music specialist comes.
III. as children work and play.
IV. outdoors.
A) All of the above
C) only I
Answer: A
3) Music must be used as the stimulus for creative movements.

  1. Ms. Sue

    1) Suggested by whom??
    2) A -- I agree.

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