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An article is marked 40% over its cost price. Two successive discounts of 14 2/7% and 10% are allowed on the marked price of the article. Find the profit/loss per cent after selling at discount.
1) 7% Loss
2) 8% loss
3) 8% profit
4) 7% profit.

  1. Scott

    1.4 c * 85 2/7% * 90% = ?

  2. Steve

    85 5/7 %

  3. kiran

    sir how u got 85 5/7% ?

  4. Steve

    come on. a 10% discount means that the new price is 90% as much (100 - 10 = 90)

    similarly, a 14 2/7% discount means the result is (100 - 14 2/7)% = 85 5/7%

  5. Scott

    1.4 c * 85 2/7% * 90% = 1.0746 c

    7.46% above original cost

    looks like 4)

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