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All of these were inspirations for 15th Century European exploration of the Western Hemisphere EXCEPT
A) the desire to spread Christianity

B) the desire to conquer India and China

C) the desire to establish new trade routes to Asia

D) to search for basic resources and land suitable for farming***

It is argued that climate change will be the most pressing environmental issue in the coming years because
A) there is no awareness or concern for it now.

B) the temperatures had been going down the previous years.

C) countries will no longer be able to efficiently rely on solar power.

D) the rise in temperature is being made worse by pollution and current environmental policies. ***

  1. Ms. Sue

    The first is wrong; the second is right.

  2. Katie


  3. Ms. Sue

    No. I've checked two of your answers; now you're on your own. Please do not post this question again.

  4. Katie

    I meant B

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