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Help? I'm not good at business

1. Jacob is leading the strategic planning meetings for the nonprofit organization he works for. They are a new organization and are working toward getting all staff on the same page regarding the big picture and goals of the organization. What is the first step that Jacob needs to do in the strategic planning process?

A. Define a mission statement <<
B. Evaluate core values of the organization
C. Establish long-term goals for the organization
D. Develop growth strategies for the organization

Sam Received an e-mail from a well-known candy company. In the e-mail, the company encouraged Sam to dress up like their candy...after all, you are what you eat! Sam decided to try it, and he sent a picture of his costumed self to several of his colleagues so that they could make themselves dress up like the candy too. Soon, Sam's colleagues had printouts of their costume photos hanging in their cubicles. The e-mail is an example of __________ Marketing.

A. Viral
B. Direct
C. Guerilla <<
D. Sales

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    I agree with both of your answers.

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