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What is considered to be the largest mountain-free area in Russia?

By what other name is the Russian Plain known?

How many time zones does Russia currently have?

Russia is located only 50 miles from which US state?

Describe the relative location of Russia in terms of: hemisphere, relationship to United States, relationship to China

Why does Eastern Europe have significantly less agriculture than Western Europe?

Which two major cities are located in Taiga regions? (hint: one is in Eastern Europe, and one is in North America)

Where is Lacul Lala Mare lake located?

Which is the highest peak in Europe? In which mountain chain is this peak located?

What is the “taiga” and where is it located?

What are “fjords” and where are they located?

What is the “tundra”?

What is “permafrost”? How has it been affected by climate change?

What problems exist with building structures in permafrost regions? Why have building codes changed in recent years?

What are “three ways to deal with permafrost”?

How can permafrost areas and permafrost-free areas be identified by builders?

Why is the height of the Urals remarkable?

What important economic discovery was made in the Urals due to erosion?

In which country/countries are the Altai Mountains located?

Which mountain chain is considered to be the boundary between European Russia and Asian Russia?

Which animals of the tundra were once thought to be “suicidal”?

Which animals live in the arctic tundra?

Why are areas of native deciduous forests often cut down to make room for agriculture?

What feature is used to classify forest biomes?

The area of North America from Alaska to Newfoundland can be compared to what type of forest in Eastern Europe?

Why are the forests of the southwest Caucuses in Russia considered to be similar to Southern Appalachia in the USA?

What makes Poland’s climate unique?

What type of climate characterizes MOST of Eastern Europe?


What are the benefits AND drawbacks of a capitalist economy?

What are the benefits AND drawbacks of a socialist (command) economy?

How have the countries of Eastern Europe used their physical features to develop their economies?

Which country in Eastern Europe claims to have the most modern winter resort?

What are the two “best” winter resorts in Eastern Europe and where are they located?

What is the first rule in the skiers’ code?

What types of attractions is Slovakia creating?


How well do the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church work together?

What role do paintings, sculptures, music and other works of art play in the Eastern Orthodox Church?

How many people worldwide are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church?

What role to reindeer play in the economy of parts of Eastern Europe?

Which country is called the “northern capital of Russia”? Why?

Who was St. Petersburg named for? How is its location strategic?

Who were the two main early leaders of the Soviet Union?

What types of people were involved in the Bolshevik Revolution, led by Lenin?

How was Lenin’s New Economic Policy not ENTIRELY socialist (command economy)?

Who was West Germany allied with during the Cold War?

What was the original purpose of the Berlin Wall? What did its destruction signify?

What (and WHEN) was the “Cold War”?

How have governments in Eastern Europe changed since the end of the Cold War?

What is the “generational crisis” facing much of Eastern Europe?

What role does testing play in deciding the future of Russian students?

What group of teens in Russia feel the most pressure to perform well in school and get good jobs?

Nuclear Energy:

What percentage of power in the United States is produced by nuclear power plants?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of nuclear power?

What is the biggest risk of nuclear power?

What happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine?

What effect did France’s increase in nuclear power production have on pollution in that country?

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