Language Arts

posted by pinkcat123

connexus Lesson 19: Rhythm and Rhyme Unit Test
Language Arts 6 B Unit 2: Rhythm and Rhyme i need help plz

  1. Ms. Sue

    How would you like us to help you?

    You do realize, of course, that cheaters are banned from posting here.

  2. Connections LA

    If you search the first question of the multiple choice section, on the first thread, my post will have all of the correct answers.

  3. your welcome

    The answers are c,c,a,d,d,d,a,c,c,c,c,b,b,b,a,c,c,d,c,b,a,a,d,c,a,b,

    Lesson 19: Rhythm and Rhyme Unit

  4. Aron

    The answer is cock

  5. Ashton

    Hi i need help with closed reading workshop poetry connexus i need all 5 answers today plz

  6. Anonymous

    We’re the answers right?

  7. Anonymous


  8. trevon

    were they right?

  9. .................................

    nooooooooope. i got a D-

  10. trevon simons

    thank you i was going to trust him but i wont now

  11. Anonymous

    I need number 13 and down so I can check my answers. Thanks for the help!

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