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9. Calculate the area of the composite figure, which is not drawn to scale. (Workpad needs to be worked out, correctly). 17 cm (rectangle part) top, 22 cm height (one side, rectangle), 10 cm height (other side, rectangle), 19 cm bottom (some, triangle part), 17 cm bottom (other part)
10. Calculate the area of the trapezoid, which is not drawn to scale. (Workpad needs to be worked out, correctly). 5 in. base, 11 in. height (one side), 8 in. height (other side), 4 in. bottom


  1. Winged Dragon Of Ra

    I'm sorry Kk, I can't help you. I am unsure myself.

  2. j-man lbj

    i have the same question

  3. MiMi

    22x17 3604 than we do 12 x 19=228 than we add that and thats 3832 so are anser might be 3832.

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