posted by Marylyn

What was the significance of the rise in popularity of rock music?

A:It showed the growing power of youth culture

B:It linked the younger generation with the culture of their parents

C:It encouraged increased social acceptance of African Americans***

D:It contributed to the widespread adoption of television

Is this correct?

  1. Reed

    If that's what your text says, then that's the "correct" answer. I would choose another answer, but I have no idea what your text tells you.

  2. Marylyn

    I looked through my text and could not find really an answer...they had very little on the rock and Roll....But I will look again....thank you!

  3. Marylyn

    Okay did not go far enough...I think it is A now

  4. Ms. Sue

    A looks best to me.

  5. Reed

    And A looks best to me, too. :)

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