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Please help!! Are any of my answers correct?

1, which reason best explains the motivation for American expansion?

It would be important to maintain political influence in developing countries
A US naval presence around the world would decrease the chance of future wars
American goods would stimulate local economies throughout the world
New markets for American goods would strengthen the US economy ***********

2 how did the growth of american owned sugar plantations impact hawaiian society?

Agricultural leaders vied with the military for control over Hawaiis ports
Plantation workers joined missionaries to spread Christianity across the island
Hawaiians left their farms to work on sugar plantations
Plantation owners became powerful and eroded the monarchy's authority *******

3, why did the United States want an open door policy with China??

To take over Chinese trade from European nations
To increase trade with China *******
To expand the US sphere of influence
To secure special trading privileges

4, why did Seward buy Alaska??

To access Alaskan gold
To kick Russia out of North America
To increase trade in Asia and the Pacific*******
To develop desirable land

Please help me answer these!

  1. Ms. Sue

    I agree with all of your answers.

  2. Hey

    Thanks got a 100%!!

  3. Yo

    I got 100%!thanks a lot!

  4. Lit fam


  5. Castiel

    Are the correct answers.

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