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7. Which sentence uses the italicized word incorrectly?

1 The dragonfly (SKIMMED) the surface of the pond.
2 When Aunt Hazel was young, no girl would ask a (FELLOW) on a date.****
3 The young boy (SKIMMED) his knee on the pavement.
4 That (FELLOW) is rarely happy.

8. Which sentence uses the italicized word correctly?

1 Poems communicate meaning with (GESTURES).
2 The detective forced the girl to (REVEAL) her secret.****
3 The car's (GESTURES) showed it was going to stop.
4 Communication is easy when people do not reveal their thoughts.

  1. Ms. Sue

    7. No
    8. Yes


    what is the answer

  3. Marvel

    The answer for seven is c The young boy (SKIMMED) his knee on the pavement.

  4. Cutie

    What is the answer for 8??

  5. Cutie

    Oh, wait never mind! :)

  6. Anonymous

    1)part B:C
    2)do on ur own
    9) do on ur own

  7. robot ( not really)

    thank you anonymous, 100%

  8. Person

    Thanks Anonymous :) 100%

  9. 100% correct

    The answers (with short answers)
    Part b)C
    2) Choose 2 poem forms, then sate their differences, then state similarities, give a brief statement to what the forms of poetry are, with a definition of them both, then add some details to make it sound like an essay.
    9) Talk about your independent reading selection
    Trust me this is 100% correct. I don’t lie.

  10. 100% correct

    Compare independent reading selection with two others

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