posted by Ali

What would be a good thesis statement for comparing and contrasting Pop and Christian music?

  1. Writeacher


    Read through the six sets here so you get the idea of what a true thesis statement is like. (Each set has one not-a-thesis-statement and one thesis statement.)

    Then let us know what you decide to write. Make your position/opinion clear in your thesis.

  2. Ali

    Think about the Christian music? Christian music calms you down and takes the weight off your shoulders. As a Christian I thought that would be the best answer.

  3. Writeacher

    Did you read through those six sets of sentences on that webpage? Did you study the differences in each set?

    In a thesis statement, you are to state your position, your stance, your opinion about your topic. A thesis statement doesn't ask a question!

    Re-read your original post and then your last one, and try again.

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